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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Management of residential/privately-owned real estate

Invest carefree in real estate with your real estate partner Rencura.

What does a rental agent do?

A rental agent is responsible for the administrative, technical and financial management of residential/privately-owned real estate.

You can rely on our knowledge, expertise and extensive network to manage your investment. Our rental agents will manage your property with the utmost care.

Removing all your real estate concerns

The DNA of rental agent Rencura is 'Relieving the real estate investor'. We strive for a real estate world where an investor considers his real estate as an investment, without the day-to-day administration and problems.

We therefore offer a complete package ranging from rental, technical, financial and administrative follow-up for real estate investments.

All under one roof

Because we want to focus 100% on customer experience, we aim for smooth internal communication, a high level of transparency and clear and straightforward communication. Investors can call on us for letting, inventories, drafting lease contracts, financial follow-up, technical follow-up, real estate portfolio analysis, purchase/sale of their real estate. In short, Rencura is your partner in real estate.

Rental agent: cost or added value?

Some claim that a rental agent is a waste of money. We want to prove otherwise: by engaging a neutral party, the emotional aspect in a relation between tenant and landlord, can be excluded.

We annually monitor indexation of rent and the maintenance of the installations. Moreover, at Rencura, we are always aware of the often changing legislation and we visit the properties at least once a year to check if everything is in order in terms of electricity, heating, etc. These are just a few of the things that add value for real estate investors in the short term.

The standard price for rental management is 9,68 % (VAT incl.) of the net rent. The rental transaction fee equals one month rent plus 21%.

An inventory amounts to 151 to 250 euro (VAT included) per party involved, depending the type of real estate.

What makes Rencura unique compared to other Property Manager?

An integrated ERP package, specially developed for the management of private properties, ensures that Rencura can anticipate future vacancies. Close cooperation between our real estate specialists and our rental service makes it possible to significantly reduce depopulation, which benefits the return on the property.

As an investor, you will always receive the most accurate information about your investment property through our online portal. This way you can keep a close eye on everything. Even as a tenant, you can always go to the portal to monitor the status of repair work and you can consult the rental contract and inventory of fixtures at all times.

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Investment strategy

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Rental service

Rencura's inhouse rental specialists are called in to achieve a correct rental price.

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Administrative follow up

Through the online Rencura portal, real estate investors can consult at any time and in full transparency all communication and documents

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Due Diligence

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Technische opvolging

Both annual maintenance and daily issues are closely monitored by the agent.

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Financiële opvolging

Daily rentals are allocated to the relevant tenant and digital invoices are validated.

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Full-time service

Rencura offers a 24-hour standby service available for the tenants to report technical malfunctions in the rentable units, in order to relieve the real estate investors as much as possible.

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Legal service

Our inhouse legal department provides the correct advice to our property manager.

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