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More details about our 'All-in' management formula

Formula 1: All-in

With our all-in formula, you can count on the Rencura team for a total unburdening of your investment property: administrative, financial and technical management. That way you can enjoy life without worrying about your investment property.

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All in beheer voor zorgeloos vastgoed
More details about our management formula 'À la carte'

Formula 2: À la carte

In the second formula, we take care of the administrative and financial management. As an investor, you do the technical management yourself. This formula is particularly useful for property owners where technical follow-up is fairly limited, such as new-build apartments.

Thanks to our tailor-made formulas, from now on you will only pay for the desired and performed services.

Pay only €7.5/month/lot.

What is included in the price:

  • Financial follow-up
  • collect rent
  • transferring rents
  • month report of received and outstanding rent
  • automatic indexing
  • sending reminders according to our reminder procedure
  • Administrative file
  • Access to digital platform

What is not included in the price:

  • Technical follow-up
  • Permanent service
  • Entering and outgoing location description
  • Renting out your apartment
  • ...

When a steward starts or takes over the management of an apartment, there are a series of tasks that must be performed. You pay a one-time start-up fee for this.

Technisch beheer zelf doen als eigenaar